Melody Champions (Believers)

Michelle Perrow

Co-Founder, GiveGetGo

I had participated in over 20 construction projects with charities around the world when I met Igor, the principal of Melody School.  It was clear that he was in need of help to complete his vision of providing an education to the local children. His belief is that education is the pathway to a better future.


It was very fortunate timing as GiveGetGo was looking for a worthy construction project that would enable us to involve our volunteers with. It has been an amazing journey to see not only the school evolve but the children as well.

Unfortunately outside of the school, most of the children live in extreme poverty without electricity, heat or running water, but fortunately Melody School is a completely different place – it is a clean, safe environment that offers all the hope for the children.


Our goal is to help these children and their families live a life of dignity and possibility.

Michelle Burlock

Builder, Believer 

Never underestimate what a random array of conversations, introductions and connections can lead to...

What started out as a weekend of R&R with my colleagues in Antigua led to connecting up some amazingly hard working, compassionate and visionary people. GiveGetGo was looking for charities to help and the Melody School’s principal, Igor, had a vision of what educating children in Guatemala could look like. One visit to the Melody School is all it takes to see the difference the school is and will make in the lives of these students.

As an educator, I believe education is the key to change. Spreading the word through selling our “Guatever” bracelets, celebrating Christmas with the local families and sponsoring students at the Melody School has given me an amazing opportunity to witness these changes first hand. I’m very grateful to Igor, the GiveGetGo volunteers and all my friends and family who have contributed to this amazing cause! 

Danielle Goreski

4-time Builder

My first build was in 2013. I was hooked on the beauty I experienced at Melody School.  Since then I have returned for four more builds. 


I never would have thought it possible to learn and experience so many new things in such a short time,  to have so many interesting and heartfelt moments. 

I am thankful for the possibility to give something back to the teachers and children of Melody through both my work physically building the school, as well as sponsoring two children.  Feeling their joy fills my heart. 

We continue to witness the progress of our sponsored children both through builds at the school as well as updates from Melody School Director.

Kim Hickman

Co-Founder, GiveGetGo

Michelle, Laurie and I visited Melody School for the first time in 2011.   

At that time it was green fields and a dream.   There were 45 children.  We could see the vision and wanted to help.


Over the past nine years GiveGetGo has brought over a dozen teams to build classrooms. The majority of the builders have been women. While they had never dreamed of laying bricks they dove in with heart and energy. 

Their legacy is these walls that now house more than 75 children. 

Laurie Myles

Co-Founder, GiveGetGo

I fell in love with Melody School the first time I visited. It inspired my two partners and I to become involved. GiveGetGo is a not-for-profit that gives volunteers hands on experience building classrooms, building wall at a time. 


Together we have put the bones in for six classrooms, four of which are already used with the fifth room about to be completed.  Our hope is to help Melody build a school that children can remain in all the way through to high school graduation.  


Many of the builders continue to support the children's education by sponsoring a child. This school and its happy children fill my heart and soul.


With every visit we witness the Miracles Of Love.  

Deborah MacLellan

5-time Builder, 3-time Co-Lead

Melody School is a living testament to the power of teamwork and love.  As part of  GiveGetGo I have had the privilege of working on four classrooms.   


The children are given a safe and happy environment to learn, as well as a nutritious meal and snacks, perhaps their only one of the day.  The teachers provide them with a social, emotional and intellectual education.  


I was moved by people’s fates, and by encounters and friendships on the build site. It all left a deep impression on me. I deeply admired the director and his team's will-power, dedication and perseverance to continue to provide the children with an education.  


My husband and I sponsor two children.  I have had the privilege to see their progress first hand. It is impossible not to feel hopeful and be inspired by the changes you witness.


Live, Laugh, Learn! 

Sam Brodie


My volunteer build experience with GiveGetGo at Melody school was so fulfilling and fun. 


Even though for the most part we were laying bricks and building we witnessed and interacted with the kids. I was touched by the amount of affection and love we received from the children.  


Everyone who works at Melody School is passionate about the children’s education, well-being and future.  Keeping in mind that these children live in advert poverty, a lot of effort goes into improving their and their families opportunity for a better life. 

Dave Hopps

3-time Builder

I have carried and poured gallons of cement, building the foundation and walls of Melody School, thrown countless children in the air and witnessed hundreds of smiles and giggles.  

I am very impressed with Melody school.  It is run with heart which is evident in the actions of the staff and on the faces of the children. I look at the happy faces and see that the contribution has come full circle as their joy radiates back to us.

Danielle and I continue to support the school in as many ways as we can.  

For donors, it is good to know that the money gets where it is supposed to go.  At Melody School it goes to building futures that would never have been imagined.  

Dianna Knight

Co-Leader, Builder, Fundraiser

I have spent a lifetime as an educator.  What I witnessed at Melody School was unlike anything I have ever seen. 


Igor, the director of the school, knows every single child and their family circumstances.  He and the teachers of the school are devoted to their children’s health and wellbeing.  He has made great personal sacrifice to be able to keep Melody School running and cares passionately for each and every child   


It has been such an inspiration to see first hand how beautifully they take care of their children, and how the love is mutual.  The students learn so much, not just in education, but also in how to live as strong, healthy, and confident young people.  Meeting the children, the director and their families fills you with such joy.